1 Public

  • Designing PR campaigns
    • Formulating communication strategies
    • Proposing the key messages of a campaign
  • Proposing and preparing PR activities
    • Press conferences, press releases, interviews, direct mails, reader contests, reviews, PR articles, etc.
  • The implementation of PR activities
  • Calling journalists and obtaining feedback
  • Media monitoring
  • Crisis communication
  • Media relations in the fields of music, film, the visual arts, theatre, and design

2 Media

  • Identifying the right media partners
  • Negotiating media partnerships
  • Coordinating the terms and execution of media partnerships

3 Marketing

  • Designing a targeted marketing plan that complements the PR campaign
    • Online promotion
    • Paid outdoor and indoor advertising (CLV, billboards, print, etc.)
    • Placarding
    • Leaflet distribution
    • E-mailing
  • Implementation of planned marketing activities

4 Social

  • Consultation
  • Designing social media communication campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Social media advertising management