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A photographer without a talent

  • Public relations

We have an opportunity to cooperate with a photographer, which acts as The Photographer without a talent, already several times. This time, he tested moral values of the Czech in his experiment, when he lent unknown people a semi-professional camera for a period of one year and he believed that nobody steals nor sells it. A device really came back to the photographer after one year and 12 owners took with this travelling camera about 10 thousand of photographs during the year 2016. But they carried off from the experiment much more than only the photographs – an opportunity to spread a good thing among people, to give somebody a present quite unselfishly and to compare a good feeling from donation with a feeling to own a material thing. We realize selected PR activities for The Photographer without a talent. 

“I have a lot of experience with PR, and until recently I thought that PR in our waters lags slightly behind the rest of the world. PIARISTI have proven me wrong. They took care of everything from start to finish, including the strategy and the idea. They helped with the tone of communication and set up a professional relationship with the journalists, basically building up trust in an anonymous artist. Such complex PR work used to be the privilege solely for the commercial sector, but thanks to PIARISTI, it is now home in our culture. I can only recommend PIARISTI.”


A photographer without a talent — project implementer