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In December 2015, the new art publication called OBSESSIONS, whose author is Vladimir 518, was published. The book focuses on the top twenty uniquely selected contemporary Czech artists of several generations, from Karel Malich up to Eva Koťátková. In informal talks and behind-the-scenes photographs, he explores their sources of inspiration, the mechanics of artistic operations and the important topics affecting their work. He examines their obsessions through three themes – the artist, his inspiration and his working space. We ensured the PR communications and the management of social networks for the book Obsessions.


I highly respect Nikola as a professional in the field of PR and marketing. She helped us to promote our book OBSESSIONS devoted to the selection of twenty artists, focusing on artists´ inspiration, work space, and life obsessions. During the short period of time, Nikola designed campaign on Facebook and thanks to her active approach, the articles and photos were published in media.

Dita Reichova — Project manager of Yinachi agency