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in the fields of culture, design, and art.

Dancing House Gallery 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Public relations
  • Media partnerships
  • Social Media

In 2014 Dancing House in Prague got the gallery, which has been our client since it opened. Since then we’ve promoted exhibitions at DancingHouse Gallery devoted to contemporary Czech artists such as Epos 257, Matěj Olmer, Pavel Šebek, Adam Jílek, Tomáš Němec, Alena Kupčíková, Barbora Maštrlová, Czech-Austrian artist Elena Steiner, and many others. For Dancing House Gallery we do the promotion work for selected exhibitions and projects and provide social media management.  

‘Gallery has been collaborating with PIARISTI since it was established, which is now almost two years ago. The professionalism and absolute reliability, enthusiasm, and passion they’ve shown on every project they’ve promoted for us are assets that PIARISTI know how to wield in practice and that you can confidently expect from them. The quality of their work is guaranteed, which is why I’d recommend this agency to anyone looking for quality PR services. Our gallery really values our cooperation with them and we are looking forward to future years together.’

Barbora Maštrlová — Director of Gallery Art Salon S