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Prague Quadrennial 2015

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In 2015 our biggest client was the 13th Prague Quadrennial. The worldwide most important international show in the field of theatre and scenography was attended in June 2015 by over 1 000 artists from 70 countries of the world and was visited by more than 150 000 people. Works for the PR and advertising campaign of the Prague Quadrennial started one year in advance. The agency focused on the general public which it informed about the event through media and advertising. The aim of the campaign was to communicate the quadrennial through all types of media of the Czech media scene on the basis of cooperation in the form of media partnerships, PR and advertising services and effective cooperation in the form of the purchase of advertising space and formats in Prague and in the whole Czech Republic. The communication emphasized the presentation of the range and the global significance and the importance of the event as well as the comprehensive coverage of all the topics associated with the Prague Quadrennial 2015 and its program.

"Nikola with Eliška prepared all domestic PR as well as the large part of the extensive advertising campaign for the Prague Quadrennial 2015. I have appreciated not only the professionalism – preparedness for meetings, engagement, speed and efficiency or quality of prepared texts and other materials, but also the great willingness to delve into a quite complex PQ system and its individual parts and artistic conceptions. They were trying to find new ways and channels to present PQ to the general public. Too bad that they can't be just our internal PR :)."

Daniela Pařízková — Executive director of Prague Quadriennale 2015