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Never Sol: Czech singer and songwriter

  • Public relations
  • Media partnerships

Sára Vondrášková, alias Never Sol, is a talented Czech producer, songwriter and singer. In 2012, she introduced herself with a movie song Lay Down, which was created for the movie In the Shadow by David Ondříček, and a year later she released a debut album Under Quiet in cooperation with Jan P. Muchow. In the fall of 2018, after a five-year break, she released her second album, Chamaleo, full of compelling melancholic melodies so typical of Never Sol. The singer did the complete production of this album. Media relations and media partnerships for the release of the second album Chamaleo were provided by PIARISTI.

When I was thinking about whom to contact in the Czech Republic, I had no doubts and PIARISTI was my obvious choice. I am convinced that they are an exceptional team in our country that can approach the PR in a complex and interdisciplinary / over-genre way which brings a great variety of ideas and a progressive approach. High professionalism, willingness and helpfulness, readiness, great planning of the campaign and its subsequent completion to the smallest detail. 

Sára Vondrášková alias Never Sol