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An outdoor sauna and cultural refreshment point with a name NUUK is a project of two enthusiasts from Hradec Králové, Natálie Barcalová and Aneta Kohoutová, who fulfilled their dream after almost a year of building. An idea of the sauna and refreshment point originated in their heads earlier during their travels in Finnland and now, they decided that they implement something similar also in the Czech Republic. The project settled down after a long search for a place at a blind arm at Stará Třebš downstream Labe in Hradec Králové and welcomed first visitors during the December 2016. The sauna offers apart from sweating and subsequent cooling down in the river or in a natural outdoor shower also an accompanying program in the refreshment point.

“A big thank you to PIARISTI for their excellent cooperation. NUUK is gradually finding its way into all the cottage locations, TV sets, and the lenses of many photographers. I am pleased that it is not just the project that travels, but also the idea that when a person has a dream, we should try to make it come true in order to get a better sleep with more dreams to come. A lot of people come to see us and they all leave very excited. We have all kinds of people turning up, even those we would not expect. They open the door of the caravan with the words: “I read about it in Dolce Vita, so I wanted to check it out,” or “ … I saw it on TV, we did not have any idea that such a place exists.” It’s great to see different age groups with different interests, who follow different types of media, all meet up in NUUK. We even get visitors from across the country – from Košice, the ambassador of Ghana, to people from Liberec. So, thank you! Thank you for the varied approach and for the fact that it’s not only us sweating buckets, but also people who usually spend their time in front of TV or a computer.” 

Natálie Barcalová — project implementer