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JANJA PROKIĆ 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

  • Public relations
  • Marketing

Janja Prokić is one of the most prominent jewellery designers in the Czech Republic. She studied the Academy of Fine Arts in Vladimir Skrepl's studio, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague under Kurt Gebauer, and graduated in the K.O.V. studio lead by Eva Eisler. She started to design jewellery in 2011 and, three years later, received the title of the Designer of the Year awarded as part of the Czech Grand Design prize. Her collections are very feminine and draw inspiration from her childhood and life experience. In 2017, PIARISTI, working closely with the designer, prepared an official opening of her studio in Uhelny trh, and a baptism for a catalogue of her work spanning the seven recent years. This one-off event was the starting point for long-term collaboration.

A long time ago, I spoke with Nikola in a bar about the fact that she does PR. And because I had worked with her at Designsupermarket, I asked her to work with me on one-time event I needed a PR person for. The one-time event turned smoothly into a long-term cooperation, which is more than just professional, it is also very pleasant! I enjoy the fairness of the work done, and the fact that I feel that they like their job too, and we share the joys of the successes that it brings. It's great that PIARISTI are always thoroughly prepared and think of things that would not even cross my mind. I appreciate they think into the future. It is nice to feel that you are not just a client, but within the cooperation there is also fun and genuine interest in my success. This is why I would not change!

Janja Prokić — jewellery designer