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Adam Karásek and Jirka Mrázek are the duo behind Nanovo. They specialise in finding, restoring and selling to-quality design of the second half of the 20th century and they opened their own shop in 2011. We’ve worked for this duo for four years. In the course of our collaboration we’ve produced dozens of media articles and spots and we’re confident that our work has helped the project to grow and succeed.  

‘We have great respect for Nikola and we chose to work with her because of the complex way that she approaches things. She is very conscientious in her work and often offers us advice beyond the scope of PR and the basic frame of our collaboration. She’s had been able to yank us back from any moments of short-sightedness and to open our eyes and propose steps that have moved Nanovo further along.’

Jirka Mrázek a Adam Karásek — owners of Nanovo