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Martin Smékal´s documentary entitled No Wave Back follows the year-long journey of Matěj Novák, a Czech surfer living and taming the big waves in Spain. Martin is the first Czech ever who decided to overcome the difficult discipline of Big Wave surfing, which starts with six-meter waves. Even though the surfing community in the Czech Republic is growing every year, no one has yet dared to take on this demanding form of the sport. The documentary No Wave Back captures Matěj´s determination, diligence, hard work and everything he has encountered on his dream journey. PIARISTI took care of the media relations, media partnerships and cooperation with influencers.

Given the fact that PIARISTI were close to our theme, their approach, especially Michaela´s, was on a friendly and enthusiastic level, when you take all those foreign words such as professionalism and flexibility as a matter of course and do not perceive them. The cooperation is rather taken as a pleasant time spent together that helps improve creativity :-) So, thank you very much.

Martin Smékal — director