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in the fields of culture, design, and art.



  • Public relations

Scholastika is an educational platform for the visual and applied arts and design. It offers single-semester courses and workshops that are open to everyone. We helped Scholastika with the promotion of three new study programmes – Product Design, Design History, and Fashion Design – which opened in January 2014. In March 2015 they turned to us again for help promoting a series of lectures and exhibitions devoted to contemporary European designers. 

‘Scholastika, an educational platform in the field of art and design, chose PIARISTI as its agency primarily because of its ability to tune itself to the specific needs of a client. They have the ability to situate themselves quickly within the context of the event they’re promoting and select the best avenues by which to promote it. They work in the same circles as us, know people, and do the background legwork to get an understanding of the particular event. This allows us to be confident that the information we want to highlight is going to reach those whom it will interest most.’

Evžen Šimera a Ondřej Brody — founders of Scholastika